Ferrari doubt they can close gap to Mercedes by '15

4 September 2014 by TF1T Staff | M

Ferrari will have a brand new car in 2015 which is unlikely to share many components from the off-pace F14-T according to technical director James Allison, but that might not be enough to close the gap to Mercedes.

It's not great reading for the Tifosi, but Allison reckons at least some of the mighty advantage Mercedes holds will carry through to next season as he admits they've a huge challenge ahead to catch up.

"We are behind our rivals Mercedes in terms of power, but also when it comes to aerodynamic downforce," admitted the Briton who only had a minor role in the initial development of the 2014 car, but will be in charge of next years project.

"Every part of the car has to be improved so that it can become more competitive next year."

He doesn't believe the engine freeze is the biggest hurdle as manufacturers can change up to 48 per cent of their power unit over the winter, instead the Allison reckons they're pushed for time.

"Our problem is not the rules," he added, "it's the time needed to close such a big gap.

"But as I said at the start, it's not just the engine which has to improve, the chassis needs to also, as does the suspension and every part of the car.

"I don't know if we can close the gap in just one year," he admitted.



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