F1 considering success ballast to level playing field

26 July 2014 by Ryan Wood | M

Formula 1 bosses met on Saturday morning in Hungary to discuss more ideas to increase the sporting spectacle and draw more fans to the sport.

It comes after crowds at the German Grand Prix last weekend were relatively sparse compared to previous seasons, whilst TV audiences have also tumbled in several key markets.

Team principals met with Bernie Ecclestone to suggest and discuss ideas which could reverse the decline.

One idea which gained support was the idea of 'success ballast'. It is something that is used in Touring Car racing such as DTM, BTCC and the WTCC.

The proposal is to add a certain amount of ballast to the winners car, say around 20kg, reducing that to 18kg for second, 15kg for third and so on.

Whilst the details have yet to be discussed and at this stage it is simply a proposal, it's believed the top ten would carry some form of ballast, leaving the remaining cars ballast-free.

It would penalise a winner at the next event and, it's believed, level the playing field to increase the amount of on-track action as a dominant car would be at a weight disadvantage compared to its rivals.

It isn't clear if the idea will get the go-ahead or how fans will react.



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