FIA confirms all teams have removed FRIC systems

Octane Photographic
17 July 2014 by Ryan Wood | M

The FIA has confirmed that all 11 teams have chosen to remove FRIC (front and rear inter-connected) suspension systems from their cars for the German Grand Prix.

In a technical document issued on Thursday, FIA technical delegate Jo Bauer confirmed the news having inspected all 22 cars.

"I can confirm that no car is fitted with a front to rear linked suspension systems of any sort," he said.

It comes as the teams failed to find unanimous agreement on a decision to delay a ban on FRIC until 2015, therefore leaving the door open to protests should a team opt to run it.

With the removal of such systems from all the cars, the threat of a protest has been removed.

It isn't clear what effect the change will have on the competitive order, with well-developed systems bringing around half a second per lap, whilst some bring just two-tenths.

Mercedes is widely expected to lose out the most as it has worked hard to perfect its version of FRIC suspension, but with an average gap of over a second per lap, they're still expected to remain ahead.



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