Vettel: Alonso was unfairly defensive during tussle

Sunday 06th July 2014, 19:51 by Ryan Wood 


Sebastian Vettel has claimed that Fernando Alonso didn't fight fairly during their British Grand Prix tussle which lasted some ten laps.

The Red Bull driver found himself behind the Spaniard in the closing stages of the race and fought hard to pass, but the pair bickered repeatedly over the radio complaining about 'leaving room' and 'running wide'.

Vettel was particularly vocal about how hard Alonso fought him.

"Twice I thought it was too much in to Turn 6 after the Wellington Straight," he explained. "I tried obviously to make a move around the outside and I was slightly in front. I knew that he would try everything to stay ahead but obviously my nose was in front so in that regard I dictate the corner radius and he has to adapt but twice he didn't.

"When you race Fernando you know it's tough, you know he doesn't give you much room but in the end obviously I made it through. So that was good, but it was very close."

During the race, Alonso claimed Vettel had used his DRS outside of the designated zones, but Vettel rejected the claim.

"About the DRS that doesn't make any sense because you can only use the DRS from a systems point of view and a software point of view in the DRS zones.

"If the Ferrari can use it in other places that might explain some things! But honestly he must have seen something else."



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