Hamilton mentally ready to fight back - Lauda

27 June 2014 by Ryan Wood | M

Lewis Hamilton hasn't been psychologically scarred by his mistakes in qualifying during the Austrian Grand Prix weekend or his non-finishes due to reliability.

That's the view of Niki Lauda who says the Briton is mentally prepared to fight back at the British GP in a weeks time, after falling 29 points behind team-mate Nico Rosberg in the championship

Lauda insisted he hasn't had to step in to 'coach' the 29-year-old.

"I don't need to coach him at all," said the Austrian. "I can tell you - I've known him a long time - he's absolutely perfect in his head, and that's it. Even after that qualifying mistake he said 'it was my mistake' and made up for it right away in the race.

"Lewis will fight back, there is no worry on my side at all, he is not in any way disturbed. He knows he has to fight hard now and beat his own team-mate to make up for the points. Wait for Silverstone, I guarantee you he will be there. It's his home race and home fans."

Lauda reckons Hamilton's recent failings will only motivate him to push even harder, particularly at his home race which he led in 2013 until his rear-tyre exploded, handing the race victory to Rosberg.

"[The] Montreal race was a disaster for him but he will keep on fighting, don't worry," added the triple champion. "He will be more motivated now going to Silverstone after this result and with the points difference.

"I really look forward to a good race between them at Silverstone. I just hope that nobody else comes in between! We need to keep pushing the team forward again."



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