F1 scraps plans to reduce Friday practice in '15

Pirelli Media
19 June 2014 by Ryan Wood | M

Friday's two 90-minute practice sessions look likely to remain in 2015 following a meeting in Biggin Hill, London, on Wednesday.

The Formula 1 Commission convened to discuss changes for 2015 as well as looks at ways of making the sport more popular amongst young people.

Whilst the full extent of what has been agreed isn't yet clear, it's believed plans to reduce Friday's running to just one session and push Thursday's media duties to Friday morning, has been scrapped.

The idea failed to gain much support from the fans and the race organisers - who were present at the meeting - as it would likely have forced them to reduce ticket prices.

In addition, the ban on tyre warmers (or blankets) has also been dropped as there were concerns it wouldn't save much money and could pose a danger as drivers would be exiting the garage on cold tyres.

Pre-season testing will be reduced to just eight days of running instead of 12 - all of which will take place in Europe unlike this year when Bahrain hosted two-four day tests.

In-season testing will be reduced also, with two-two day tests taking place, but it will be phased out completely in 2016.



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