Massa disappointed with 'dangerous' Perez

Williams F1 Team, LAT
9 June 2014 by TF1T Staff | M

Felipe Massa has branded F1 rival Sergio Perez "dangerous" after he caused a collision between the pair on the final lap of the Canadian Grand Prix.

The duo were battling over fourth when Massa attempted a pass heading into turn one, but Perez moved across ever so slightly and the pair made contact, sending them hurtling toward the barrier.

After the incident, the pair were taken to hospital for precautionary checks and Massa took the opportunity to speak to the Force India driver who, according to the Brazilian, said nothing in response.

"I talked to him at the medical centre. I was so disappointed with him," Massa said on Sunday night.

"I said that he needs to learn. I wanted him to put himself in my place, because I had a huge crash and honestly I thought it was going to hurt.

"It's not the first time that he turned into somebody under braking. He did this many times. He didn't say anything, he just turned and left. I hope he learns."

The Williams driver narrowly escaped hitting Sebastian Vettel in the process and he believes the incident could have been far more serious.

"We are doing around 300km/h there. With another car in front it could have been a very serious accident.

"We've had the rules for a few years that when one car is up the side the other cannot move anymore. He just move and we touched.

"It's dangerous. For me five places is not enough. He was dangerous. We could have crashed into [Sebastian] Vettel."

Perez was given a five-place grid drop for the Austrian GP as a result.



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