Hakkinen: 'Hamilton needs to learn how to lose'

Friday 30th May 2014, 17:09 by TF1T Staff 

Friendly earlier in the season... ( Daimler)

The condemnation of Lewis Hamilton's actions during the Monaco Grand Prix weekend have drawn a mixed response, but two former champions who aren't on his side are Mika Hakkinen and John Surtees.

The pair believe Hamilton was wrong to not only accuse his team-mate Nico Rosberg of foul play, but also his post-race reaction in which he refused to talk to Rosberg.

"It's hard to tell if something is going to change significantly [between Lewis and Nico]," Hakkinen wrote in his column for Hermes.

"I don't know if Lewis would even consider apologising for his behaviour. It is a very individual thing.

"But in my opinion, one of the characteristics of a good winner is he also knows how to lose."

Surtees, who won the 1964 championship, said he understood his fellow Britain's frustration, but said his reaction to it was completely wrong.

"I have no doubt about Lewis Hamilton's driving ability, but I didn't like what I saw and heard from Monaco," he wrote in his MotorSport column.

"I can understand the frustration Lewis must have felt in not having that opportunity on the last lap of qualifying to get pole position. But I think his reaction to his team-mate and team was wrong."



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