Mattiacci enjoys working with 'super-cool' Kimi

Tuesday 27th May 2014, 19:25 by TF1T Staff 


New Ferrari team principal Marco Mattiacci says he's enjoying working with Kimi Raikkonen and described the Finnish driver as "super-cool".

The Italian took over from Stefano Domenicali at the Chinese Grand Prix after he chose to retire and has been working to understand the team and get to know the drivers since.

When asked about his relationship with the often hard to understand and quiet Raikkonen, Mattiacci said he's not experienced any difficulties so far.

"I have worked before in Finland for several months and I know quite well Finnish people," he said. "Kimi is someone that is Finnish but grew up internationally because of Formula One's travel.

"He is a super-cool guy and I like him very much. He always has open and very frank discussions and he is professional. He is a great person to work with.

"We are all different so sometimes we need to tune the level of communication and the way we talk to people in order to be in the same frequency. I don't find any issue in dealing with Kimi, it's the opposite and I have no problem."



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