Tech Talk: Ferrari switch to single-pillar mounting

Monday 12th May 2014, 23:45 by Ryan Wood 

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Ferrari debuted several minor developments at the Spanish Grand Prix, but the largest and by far the most noticeable was the rear-wing assembley.

The F14-T has suffered from an unstable rear-end since the start of the season, which is exacerbated by crosswinds or when the car is in yaw. This is because of a variety of reasons.

In a bid to reduce this, Ferrari switched from a double-pillar (below) rear-wing support to a single, far shorter pillar (above). Whilst this wouldn't provide much of a benefit head-on - other than saving a fraction of weight - it helps the efficiency of the rear-wing.

The double-pillar blocks airflow and creates turbulence on the low-pressure (underside) area of the lower-element where it attaches to the wing, which reduces downforce.

The single-pillar, which doesn't attach to the underside of the lower element, lessens the turbulence and therefore increases the efficiency of the wing, whilst incorporating the drag-reduction chord via a swan-neck.



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