Furious Raikkonen wants answers over strategy

11 May 2014 by TF1T Staff | M

A furious Kimi Raikkonen refused to continue his post-race interviews when he was questioned on his strategy for the Spanish Grand Prix.

The Finn has demanded an explanation as to why the team seemingly gave priority to team-mate Fernando Alonso, despite Raikkonen being ahead on the track.

He was passed by Alonso in the closing laps as his tyres began to fade, whilst the Spaniard, who had pitted before him, switched to a three-stop strategy and used his fresher tyres to claim sixth whilst Raikkonen settled for seventh.

After the race, Raikkonen asked over the radio "who made these calls?"

When asked if he felt he was being treated a number two driver, he replied: "No, but obviously I want to clear up a few things and that's all.

"Obviously there was not much between it, I ran out of tyres a little bit in that lap or two. We still finished far away from the others or where we want to be, so it did not make much difference, two or three stop."

Clearly angered, Raikkonen turned his attentions to the future and he says he's confident Ferrari will get back into podium contention.

"It's disappointing for Ferrari but there was some good points from the weekend compared to the last weeks. We are not happy where we are as a team and we know we have a lot of work to do to catch up. In the future we know the areas where we are lacking, but it's not easy to catch up on each thing in F1."



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