Noise boosting solutions to be tried in Spain

Monday 05th May 2014, 15:39 by Ryan Wood 


Formula 1 looks set for a noiser future from the Canadian Grand Prix onwards as multiple solutions to turn up the volume will be trialled during the post-Spanish GP test.

During a meeting in China a fortnight ago and then a follow-up meeting this week, the three engine manufacturers presented several ideas which could increase the noise from the power unit.

It comes as some fans, circuit bosses and Bernie Ecclestone lashed out against the new quieter V6 units which, because of the turbocharger, sound much quieter than before.

In an effort to change that, the FIA agreed to find a solution and put it to the suppliers: Mercedes; Renault and Ferrari, to come up with ideas to be tested in Spain before their likely introduction ahead of the Canadian GP in June.

According to Mercedes' Toto Wolff, the ideas centre around the exhaust, and whilst they've yet to agree on the best approach, he isn't happy with the idea of widening the exit like a 'megaphone'.

"We discussed what solutions there might be, and us at Mercedes also have our approaches and proposals," he is quoted as saying by Speed Week.

"We have some highly complex solutions within the exhaust system and also one like a 'megaphone' that simply opens up at the end.

"I do not know if the latter is what we should be doing in F1, but nevertheless we will come with our suggestions and approaches. We will try them out on the car in Barcelona and see if they have the effect that we are looking for," he added.


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