Coulthard ranks Bahrain as Hamilton's finest win

Tuesday 08th April 2014, 23:33 by TF1T Staff 


David Coulthard is of the opinion that Lewis Hamilton's Bahrain Grand Prix victory was probably one of the Briton's "finest".

Whilst Hamilton himself refused to rank the victory amongst his best, former-F1 driver Coulthard believes, for several reasons, that it deserves a place near the top of the list.

"Rosberg still leads the championship, but that win for Hamilton in Bahrain, on top of the drubbing he gave Rosberg in Malaysia the week before, will be starting to really hit home with Nico," wrote Coulthard in his BBC column.

The Scot expects a season-long fight from the pair, but ultimately believes Hamilton, who he considers "the best driver in F1" in his current form, will be the final victor.

"There is a lot of fight left in the German in this world championship but we are getting confirmation of why Mercedes head-hunted Hamilton from McLaren," he added. "He is in a happy place right now and, when he’s on form like this, Hamilton is arguably the best driver in Formula 1.

"It was an unbelievable achievement by Hamilton to hold on to the lead in the closing laps. He had the disadvantage of not having access to DRS – which Rosberg did – and he was on worse tyres.

"Rosberg tried and tried. In many ways it is easier for the guy charging and following. Add all that up and it's why this race really stood out as one of Hamilton's finest."


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