Bahrain to remain a night race for future GP's

5 April 2014 by TF1T Staff | M

The Bahrain Grand Prix will remain a night race for the foreseeable future according to race organiser Zayed Al Zayani.

The circuit installed floodlighting as part of its 10th anniversary celebrations and will hold its first F1 night race this weekend to celebrate the occasion.

However Al Zayani says the change in start time from 3pm to 6pm has had a positive effect on ticket sales and makes financial sense considering the large investment to install lighting.

"It would not have been wise to just do the night race as a one-off," he told Autosport.

With Sunday being a working day in Bahrain and the surrounding Middle Eastern countries, the Bahrain organisers have struggled to sell tickets, but a later start time has had a positive effect.

"With a 6pm start time it will make it easier for them [fans] to finish up their normal working routine on Sunday and be here on time to watch the race," he added.

"It also gives us an opportunity to capture the Saudi market, the largest market in thr Gulf, because they have time to come over."



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