Ferrari complaining because they're not winning claims Hamilton

Thursday 03rd April 2014, 23:05 by TF1T Staff 


With news that Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has branded the new Formula 1 "boring" and says this is backed by a fan poll run on the Ferrari website, Lewis Hamilton has spoken up on the matter.

Di Montezemolo held discussions with Bernie Ecclestone in London on Wednesday, and plans to hold a meeting with Jean Todt in Bahrain this weekend to discuss urgent changes to spice the sport up.

Hamilton though questions whether the Italian is simply reacting to Ferrari's lack of competitiveness which currently sees them in third in the Constructors' championship with less than half Mercedes' points tally.

"Di Montezemolo didn't say a thing when Michael [Schumacher] won those five world championships [in a row]," said Hamilton who won in Malaysia in a dominant fashion.

"It's the same when McLaren won all their championships that they didn't say anything, and the same with Red Bull when they won, they weren't saying anything," he added.

"Someone else gets in the lead and they'll say something. It's the nature of the game."



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