McLaren unveils special one-off Mobil 1 livery

12 March 2014 by TF1T Staff | M

McLaren has revealed that it will run a one-off livery to celebrate its 20-year partnership with oil and fuel supplier Mobil 1.

The ExxonMobil company will be celebrating its 333rd race as a partner of McLaren.

As part of a one-off branding deal, the MP4-29 will feature a new black and silver livery with large Mobil 1 branding on its sidepods.

Speaking about the event, McLaren COO Jonathan Neale said: "We are priviledged to have worked closely with ExxonMobil. During 332 races together, we have achieved four world championships, 78 wins, 229 podium finishes and 76 pole positions - a huge testament to our powerful technology partnership.

"Seeing Mobil fuels branding on the MP4-29 is a great recognition of the relationship's contribution to performance over our two decades together."

Artis Brown, Mobil 1's global motorsports manager, added: "To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Mobil 1's relationship with McLaren, we are looking forward to showcasing a special branding scheme during the first race of the 2014 season.

"There is a lot of energy entering this race. Not only are we celebrating our 20th anniversary with McLaren, but we are also welcoming Kevin Magnussen into the team. When you combine these elements with the introduction of the new V6 engine, this should be a very exciting weekend.

"We are proud to celebrate our relationship with McLaren this weekend and are looking forward to an exciting season."



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