Ecclestone says Azerbaijan will join F1 calendar

Wednesday 05th March 2014, 17:56 by TF1T Staff 

Azerbaijan could become the latest addition to the Formula 1 calendar if Bernie Ecclestone's recent comments are to be believed.

The 83-year-old told the Daily Mail that F1 would visit the oil-rich country, likely in 2016, with a proposed street race on the street's of Baku.

"We're going to Azerbaijan," claimed Ecclestone.

"The people out there are talking about holding a race in 2015. That may be a bit soon - unless it's at the end of the season, that's a possibility. But 2016 is more likely."

The idea has been tabled before, but it's now believed to have government support with the two parties having agreed an initial deal.

Azerbaijan's capital, Baku, is just 1,000km from Sochi - where Russia's inaugural grand prix will take place later this year.

That race could come under pressure if tensions between Russia and Ukraine escalate any further than they already have.


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