Fuel saving won't detract from spectacle - Lowe

Tuesday 18th February 2014, 14:01 by TF1T Staff 


Mercedes technical chief Paddy Lowe doesn't expect the new fuel regulations, which limit a driver to just 100kg, down from 150kg in previous seasons, to damage the sport's spectacle.

The 33 per cent saving comes under the new power unit rules. Whilst some have suggested we could see drivers having to drive slowly in order to reach the end of particularly fuel-heavy race, Lowe doesn't believe that will be the case.

"I think you may be overplaying that aspect," said Lowe. "Certainly it's a factor in the races but I hope we won't see it as a dominating factor.

"There were occasions where we saw that last year it was stopping a driver from pushing to the limit every lap, and that's sometimes very frustrating.

"But actually that's been the case in Formula 1 for many years, that managing fuel and tyres has been a factor.

"I hope it won't be so dominating it's putting off the spectacle."


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