Massa: 'Expect more sideways action this year'

Friday 07th February 2014, 17:42 by TF1T Staff 

Williams F1 Team, LAT

Formula 1 fans can expect more rear-sliding and sideways action this year according to Williams driver Felipe Massa.

With the introduction of a new V6 power unit and an ERS unit which is twice as powerful as last years KERS, combined with the ban on exhaust-blowing and harder tyres, the rear of the 2014 cars are much more unstable and the rears harder to heat as a result.

Massa says this will likely lead to some scary moments, but it's up to the driver to reduce the amount rear-sliding as ultimately, whilst spectacular, it'll make you slower.

"I think for sure you're going to see the cars sliding more, because you have less grip with some more torque," he is quoted as saying.

"But it's never very good to go sideways to be honest. You're losing time, so you need to understand how to drive as smooth as possible."

The increased torque will however help with the heating of the rears, explained the Brazilian.

"When you have wheel spin, it also warms up the tyres as well."



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