Mateschitz: 'Title isn't won at the opening race'

Sunday 02nd February 2014, 16:21 by TF1T Staff 

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Dietrich Mateschitz is not worried by Red Bull's start to the season following a dreadful first pre-season test in which the team completed just 21 laps.

The Austrian billionaire is sure the team can recover and even if that comes midway into the season, he says there is no reason they can't secure a fifth title.

"A deficit at the beginning of the season does not automatically mean that the world title is lost," he told Salzburger Nachrichten. "Even if you come from behind, you still have a chance."

He also denied that the issue lies with Red Bull's staff, following several high profile departures.

"Our current problems are not with the team, but in the engine area. The team has more than excellent know-how," he added.

"These were the more-or-less expected teething problems with a new engine, which was being tested for the first time on a track.

"[The RB10] is very positive because it is more than just 'state of the art' again, as can be seen in the details. The moment of truth will come at the first race in Melbourne."



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