Sutil: 'Big chance for smaller teams next year'

Tuesday 24th December 2013, 16:43 by Ryan Wood 

Sauber Motorsport AG

Adrian Sutil believes the new regulations could present an opportunity for a smaller team to mix it with the more established outfits.

Sutil, who will join Sauber next season, says he's excited by the changes and, as teams rush to prepare for 2014, he expects some could take advantage of others misfortune in the early races.

"2014 will be a different season to what we are used to - new engines, very different tyres, and the car in general will be different to drive," he said in an interview.

"It's a new era in Formula 1. For us drivers it's interesting to have something new, to have changes in the sport so it never gets boring.

"There are chances at the first few races to get it right or maybe mess it up.

"I see big chances for smaller teams to reach exceptional results at the early races," he added. "Maybe a podium is in reach, you never know."

Sutil drove for Force India in 2009 when they went from backmarker to regular points scorer due to a massive rule change. Next year will see a similar change but on a bigger scale and the German is excited for what it may bring.

"I think a rule change is good to mix the field up again. There will be a mix of teams,, probably some that didn't expect to be there.

"I'm looking forward to it. It will be very exciting."



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