Drivers have until Christmas to submit number choice

Friday 13th December 2013, 21:22 by TF1T Staff 

Red Bull Racing, Getty Images

Formula 1 drivers must submit their permanent driver number choice before or on December 23rd after the FIA began contacting them individually this week.

Following a change in the regulations, a driver must choose a number between 2 and 99, and that number will remain with them throughout their F1 career.

It will be displayed on their car and, for the first time, must feature prominently on their helmet so it's visible to trackside cameras.

The governing body has contact all current drivers asking them to choose three numbers: their first preference followed by a second and a third.

Should two drivers select the same number, the one who finished higher up the order in 2013 will get priority, whilst the other driver will get his second preference, or third should another, higher placed driver select their second choice.

The number '1' will be reserved for the champion. Therefore Sebastian Vettel has the option to choose that number for the '14 season, or alternatively the number he nominated as his permanent number.

The chosen numbers will be revealed in January, but some have already expressed an interest in which they'd like.

Sergio Perez has highlighted 11 as his choice, whilst Jean-Eric Vergne is eyeing 27, 25 or 21. Felipe Massa fancies 19 whilst a fan of Valtteri Bottas suggested he choose 77.

"So [i've] been thinking about [my] racing number for my F1 career," he wrote on Twitter, adding: "I heard BO77AS already, any other ideas?!"



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