McLaren, Force India pull out of December test

Tuesday 10th December 2013, 21:44 by TF1T Staff 

McLaren's Sergio Perez suffered a blow-out at the British Grand Prix.

McLaren and Force India have confirmed that they will now not be taking part in the Pirelli tyre test due to take place next week.

The FIA confirmed that six teams had signed up to test Pirelli's new 2014 tyres in Bahrain between December 17th and 19th.

However, both have confirmed that they have pulled out because of the short timeframe between the test and the FIA's confirmation that it has been given the green-light.

"We are not testing in Bahrain next week," a spokesperson told Sky Sports.

Whilst a Force India spokesperson added: "Given the short notice of this test taking place and the time frames involved, the team will not be attending the test."

Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferrari and Toro Rosso still remain committed.



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