Teams reject Pirelli's mandatory pit-stop rule

Tuesday 10th December 2013, 14:00 by TF1T Staff 


The Formula 1 Strategy Group, made up of six teams, the FIA and FOM, have rejected the idea of introducing two-mandatory pit-stops during a race.

Pirelli suggested the idea in order to reduce the importance put on tyres following complaints that they were heavily influencing the outcome and detracting from the racing.

Had the proposal been passed, limitations would have been put on the number of laps each compound can be used for, therefore forcing a car to pit at least twice, but not because of tyre wear.

During a meeting on Monday in Paris, in which several ideas were given the green light including permanent driver numbers and the more controversial double points in Abu Dhabi, Pirelli's proposal was unanimously rejected.

According to insiders, the teams were concerned that it would detract from the show by forcing similar strategies up and down the grid where each driver would be forced to stop on the same lap.

At present, the rules demand drivers stop at least once in order to use both tyre compounds, unless the race is declared wet.



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