Ferrari have power to veto Ecclestone successor

Thursday 05th December 2013, 18:33 by TF1T Staff 

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner and Bernie Ecclestone.

Bernie Ecclestone recently stated that he would like to see Red Bull team principal Christian Horner take over his position at Formula One Management.

Whilst the comment was likely made as a joke, it's unlikely to ever happen after Ecclestone revealed that Ferrari have the power to veto such a decision.

Speaking to CNN he recalled his comment: "Somebody said to me, 'What happens when you go, what's going to happen?'. Christian walked past and I said: 'What about him? He is a good guy.'

"Firstly CVC would never agree and secondly Ferrari would have a say."

It turns out that Luca di Montezemolo is a member of the sport's nomination committe and he has the power to "review and recommend candidates for appointments to the board."

CVC, which owns a majority holding in the sport, must also "obtain the written consent of Ferrari prior to the appointment of any person as chief executive officer if, within the past five years, he or she has held a senior executive office or an ownership interest of five percent or more in any team or automobile manufacturer which either owns more than a five percent interest in a team or is a supplier of engines to a team."

Therefore it's very unlikely Horner would land the top job at FOM.



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