Brundle warns 'F1 is heading toward a crisis'

Wednesday 04th December 2013, 00:29 by TF1T Staff 

Red Bull Racing, Getty Images

Former driver turned pundit Martin Brundle is concerned that Formula 1 is heading for a crisis with regulation changes and financial instability.

In particular, the Briton is undecided as to whether the new regulations will spice up the show or prove an embarrassment as the teams struggle to adapt, but he's in doubt that things will settle down in the second half of the year.

"I'm expecting total calamity in the early stages of 2014 and it remains to be seen if that's entertaining or confusing," he wrote in his Sky Sports F1 column.

Before adding: "I have no doubt that these brilliant engineers and designers will master the issues sooner than later."

Though he agreed with Jenson Button's sentiments that it presents a level-playing field as everything resets to zero. Albeit the new power units could throw a spanner in the works for some.

"I agree with Jenson, big changes can only hurt Red Bull given they have such an advantage, but no doubt the usual suspects with the biggest resource will get there first.

"I'm hoping that we won't have a three-tier Ferrari - Renault - Mercedes championship in whichever order for both power and efficiency, but it's possible."

One of his other concerns, potentially one which could eventually rip the sport apart, is the current financial state some teams find themselves in.

He highlighted Lotus's struggles which has seen them employ pay-driver Pastor Maldonado over the highly talented and much favoured option, Nico Hulkenberg.

"I've never seen anything like it frankly, and it doesn't bode well when the only team - Lotus - to consistently take the fight to Red Bull can't afford to choose its own driver line-up and take the best available.

"My alarm bells are going off for the general health of F1 and it needs urgent action, if not then a crisis, before it's back on track."



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