New Jersey still has a contract - Ecclestone

Tuesday 27th August 2013, 18:40 by TF1T Staff 

The pit complex is nearing completion ( Sutton Images)

The proposed Grand Prix of America could still happen according to Bernie Ecclestone who confirmed their contract remains in place, despite earlier claiming the race was off.

The 82-year-old is believed to be playing hard ball with the race promoter Leo Hindery to ensure they meet the terms on their agreement. A tactic Ecclestone often employs to ensure things go his way.

Speaking to Speed, he said the race could still go ahead if they can prove they'll be ready in time.

"They have a contract," he confirmed. "If they can comply with the contract, we want to be there. If they come to me next week, and show they have complied with whatever it should be, it's alright.

"They've got to finish the circuit, so they need to pay, and they need to comply with the conditions for us.

"We've been mucking around and waiting long enough. We've compromised enough. We sent them 10 million to pay some of their debts, and keep the doors open, so we're a little bit serious," he revealed.

Work is continuing on the circuit but remains some way off completion.



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