Rosberg blames Massa for first lap contact

29 July 2013 by TF1T Staff | M

Nico Rosberg has laid the blame squarely on Felipe Massa for their first lap contact which the German says "ruined his race" at the very beginning.

The Mercedes driver made a good start from fourth but fell back into the clutches of Massa where the pair made contact at turn five.

He believes that ended his chances of fighting for a podium because of the limited overtaking opportunities.

"I had a great start but unfortunately wasn't able to get the best out of it on the first lap," he said. "It all went a bit wrong and it ended up with Massa taking me out.

"Just clearly his fault, I looked on the video and I was way ahead. It was my corner I even left space for him on the entry and he stuck his nose in there and braked too late and touched my back wheel.

"That really ruined my race then as I went off the track and lost position and at this track it's impossible to overtake."

The Mercedes driver eventually retired from the race, but took some positives away from it.

"It seems that with these tyres, whilst everybody was testing and we were siting on our sofa's at home relaxing, it seems we made the most progress and it seems these tyres suit our car better.

"The speed we had in the race was fantastic. Great job by Lewis [Hamilton] and the team. It was spectacular to see and it makes me look forward a lot to the next few races."



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