Pirelli will share tyre test data with Mercedes

Tuesday 16th July 2013, 22:39 by TF1T Staff 


Pirelli says Mercedes will still receive tyre data from the upcoming Silverstone test, despite being banned by the FIA from taking part.

The German outfit isn't allowed to run on any of the three days as punishment for using its current car in a 1000km test with Pirelli back in May.

However with the test changing from a young driver event to an official tyre test, Mercedes asked for the ban to be overturned so it could gather data about the new tyres on safety ground.

The FIA refused this, but Pirelli has revealed that Mercedes will receive data from the test - data which it gathers from each of the teams and analyses.

"I think they [Mercedes] would have benefited from being able to run," said Pirelli's Paul Hembery to Autosport.

"However, we give all the teams the same feedback [after the test]. We look at the same data, so they have all the same information."

Hembery believes Mercedes won't be at too much of a disadvantage after they chose to conduct a back-to-back 2012/2013 tyre test in Brazil last year during practice which has given them "a lot of data" to be able to compare the two constructions.

"Mercedes do have a lot of data from the tyre from last year in terms of the way it will affect aero and set-up," he added.


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