Red Bull will implement pit stop changes to avoid repeat of Nurburgring accident

Red Bull Racing, Getty Images
11 July 2013 by TF1T Staff | M

Red Bull has announced that it will implement immediate changes to its pit stop procedure in order to avoid a repeat of their Nurburgring error which resulted in a loose wheel hitting an FOM cameraman.

An investigation into the accident found that the right-rear wheel nut was cross-threaded as it was secured, meaning the wheel 'gunner' had to remove the nut and replace it using a second wheel gun.

The mechanic was taken by surprise because the torque level of the second gun was set higher than the first, therefore his grip wasn't sufficient and the gun slipped in his hand.

As it slipped, the 'go' trigger was pressed. That sent a signal to the jack man to release the car whilst only three wheels were secured.

In order to avoid a repeat, Red Bull says it will relocate the 'go' trigger to a better position so it cannot be accidentally pressed.

In addition, the chief engineer who is responsible for releasing the car by showing a green light on the pit gantry, has been ordered to hold the car if an issue is identified and wait for four hand signals as secondary confirmation.

The new procedure will no doubt result in a slower stop should a problem occur, but Red Bull have been pressured by the FIA to find a solution to the issue which broke Paul Allen's shoulder and two of his ribs.



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