Race drivers allowed at Silverstone tyre test

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2 July 2013 by TF1T Staff | M

The upcoming Young Driver Test has now been ditched in favour of a tyre test, of which a team's current race drivers can participate in.

The FIA has written to the World Motor Sport Council for an immediate change to the regulations, allowing current drivers to partake in in-season testing.

The emergency regulation change comes in light of the recent tyre failures which occurred during the British Grand Prix.

Whilst the young driver aspect won't be ditched completely, teams may now call upon current drivers to ensure Pirelli gets sufficient feedback on its new tyres.

However, if a team opts against running a 'rookie' driver, it cannot test new parts or collect telemetry which it can use to develop its car - therefore the incentive to run a young driver remains.

The FIA, which is keen to see teams run both current and young drivers, has suggested it may extend the test by a day, so two days can be dedicated to each.

Mercedes can technically take part in the test because it is no longer a Young Driver Test - of which they are banned - but the outfit has decided not to attend as it believes it would be unfair.

Speaking about the test, FIA president Jean Todt said: "Our priority is to ensure safety for all in Formula One and we believe the incidents at Silverstone represent a genuine safety concern for the drivers.

"We have thus taken the decision to alter the Young Driver Test to allow teams to use drivers they deem fit to carry out tyre development work in a bid to solve the problems we saw at the British Grand Prix. I believe it is fitting to carry out this work at the circuit upon which the issues were manifested."

Silverstone has confirmed that the public can attend the test, with tickets starting at £15 or free for under 15's. More details here.



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