Massa refuses to rule out German GP boycott

Sutton Images
30 June 2013 by Ryan Wood | M

Felipe Massa has refused to rule out a boycott of the German Grand Prix if changes aren't made to the Pirelli tyres following a spate of failures during the British GP.

Whilst the exact cause is yet to be determined, the Brazilian, who described the situation as "very dangerous", says the drivers will definitely discuss the safety aspect.

"For me it is unacceptable and they need to do something about it for our safety," he told reporters including The F1 Times.

When asked if he and others would boycott the next race if something isn't done, he replied: "For sure we will talk about it. Every driver is complaining, even those who didn't experience it today.

"They need to do something."

Early reports are blaming the Silverstone kerbs, but Fernando Alonso - who admitted his tyre was close to failing - doesn't believe the kerbs are in fact to blame.

"I don't think the kerbs have any influence because I've been racing 12 years now in Silverstone and the kerbs they were never a problem. So I don't think this year they were a problem."



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