EE unhappy with McLaren's 4G livery

Saturday 29th June 2013, 15:37 by TF1T Staff 


Mobile operator EE (Everything Everywhere) has reportedly asked McLaren and Vodafone to change their livery or, failing that, pull out of the British Grand Prix over false advertising.

Vodafone has chosen to advertise its upcoming 4G high-speed service on the sidepods of the McLaren MP4-28 cars at this weekend's British GP.

Competitor EE - which is currently the only 4G operator in the UK - asked Vodafone to "garage" the McLaren cars on Friday, according to a spokesperson from the title sponsor who denied they're doing anything wrong.

"We're using the car to build further awareness of our forthcoming ultrafast 4G service," a spokesman for the company told Pocket-Lint.

"It's a 'static promotion', albeit on a car that can travel at over 200 mph. Consumers know Vodafone's ultrafast 4G is coming. We've said very publicly it will be here by the late summer. Even if someone seeing the car wasn't aware of that, there is no 'call to action' on it."

An EE spokesperson denied they had called for the cars to be "garaged" but admitted they were unhappy with the livery.



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