Mercedes accepts punishment, won't appeal

21 June 2013 by TF1T Staff | M

Mercedes will not appeal the outcome of the International Tribunal (IT) which resulted in the team being reprimanded and suspended from the young driver test after taking part in a 1000km tyre test.

The IT announced its punishment on Friday following a seven-hour hearing on Thursday in which the FIA claimed it never gave permission for the Pirelli test to go ahead.

In a statement, Mercedes accepted the punishment and alluded to the fact it was under the illusion the FIA had sanctioned the test, insisting it "never intended to obtain an unfair advantage."

"The Decision of the International Tribunal confirmed that the team acted in good faith regarding the Pirelli Tests, never intended to obtain any unfair sporting advantage and had no reason to believe that approval for the Pirelli Tests had not been given," read a statement.

"Mercedes accepts the proportionate penalties of a reprimand and suspension from the forthcoming Young Driver Test that have been decided upon by the Tribunal.

"Mercedes would like to once again restate its firm belief in proper due process and commend the FIA for the principle of an independent disciplinary body.

"The team would furthermore like to thank the International Tribunal and its President for the fair hearing it received yesterday."

The team added that it hoped the saga would result in making it easier for Pirelli to carry out the necessary testing it requires to develop new tyres.

"Mercedes looks forward to working with the FIA and its fellow competitors to establish a more rigorous procedure for testing in the future, particularly to support the appointed tyre supplier."



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