Pirelli confirm tyres for British GP onwards

Courtesy of Pirelli
13 June 2013 by TF1T Staff | M

Pirelli has confirmed which tyre compounds it will bring to the next three events - the British, German and Hungarian Grands Prix.

The tyre supplier also confirmed it wouldn't be bringing its tweaked compounds to any of the three races because they failed to gain unanimous agreement from the teams.

"The tyre construction will remain unchanged, contrary to Pirelli’s initial plans," read a statement from the supplier.

"This decision is due to the fact that the new tyres, which were brought to the Friday free practice sessions in Canada, could not be tested sufficiently due to rain – and that the teams failed to agree unanimously about introducing the changes. Instead a change in the tyre production process should now ensure that the delamination issue has been addressed."

As a result, the British GP will see the original 2013-spec hard and medium compounds in use because they are "best suited to the high-energy demands of the Silverstone track."

Hungary will also see the same compound choice. Despite it being the slowest permanent circuit on the calendar, Pirelli explained that the twisty nature puts high pressure through the tyres.

"[Hungary] places a lot of demands on the tyres due to its twisty layout, which means that the tyres move around much more than on a fast and flowing track. This combined with often high ambient temperatures make the hard and medium compounds the best choice for this track."

The German GP at the Nurburgring will see the medium and soft in action.

"The Nürburgring is a circuit with varied speeds and corners, plus heavy braking areas. The tarmac roughness is very low, so plenty of mechanical grip from the tyres is required. Combined with the often very variable weather conditions, this makes the soft and medium compounds the best choice for the iconic German track."



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