Pirelli won't introduce new tyres at Brit GP

Monday 10th June 2013, 11:38 by TF1T Staff 


Pirelli have scrapped plans to introduce its new tyres at the British Grand Prix after collecting inconclusive data during first practice in Canada where it gave teams the opportunity to try them.

As revealed by The F1 Times, Pirelli held a meeting after the race in Canada to determine whether they should push the changes through for Silverstone in three weeks.

However, with wet running on Friday, they failed to collect enough data to determine whether the tyres - which feature a kevlar belt instead of a steel one - wouldn't have a detrimental effect on the competitive order.

Instead Pirelli will introduce a new bonding procedure to the current tyres, which it hopes will reduce the number of delaminations by using a stronger glue at 'weak' spots on the tyre.

Whilst Pirelli may opt to test the tyres again during practice, it's expected that they won't be raced this year, as such, any test will be for the benefit of 2014's development.



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