Bangkok bans racing in city, F1 plans on hold

Friday 07th June 2013, 15:41 by TF1T Staff 

Red Bull Racing

Thailand's plans to hold a Formula 1 race on the streets of the capital have been put on hold after the government passed a bill banning racing in the city's centre.

The proposal for a Bangkok Grand Prix was well advanced, with local authorities submitting a plan for a 6km street circuit, taking in several of the capital's landmarks.

The organisers were targetting a race deal for 2015.

According to Kriangphon Pattanarat, director general of city planning department, a law was passed in May, banning such events.

"The law came into effect on May 16 prohibiting car racing in inner Bangkok because that area is a conservation for culture and arts," he told AFP.

It isn't clear if the organisers will try and find a new location for the race, or will scrap the plans altogether.



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