Rosberg let slip about secret test to Vettel

Thursday 06th June 2013, 20:42 by TF1T Staff 

Red Bull Racing, Getty Images

It has been reported that Sebastian Vettel was the whistleblower behind the 'secret' Pirelli tyre test after Nico Rosberg let slip during a conversation with his fellow German during the driver briefing in Monaco.

Rosberg reportedly mentioned the test to Vettel who, after the driver briefing, informed Christian Horner who proceeded to lodge an official protest with the FIA on Sunday morning ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix.

Ferrari then followed suit after Horner was seen in discussion with rival team principal Stefano Domenicali.

It would explain why the test, which Mercedes and Pirelli claim wasn't a secret, only came to light two weeks after it happened.

The Red Bull driver, who Sky Sports News described as a 'world champion-turned detective', is confident Mercedes have gained a significant advantage.

"I see it as a critical issue," he told the Suddeutsche-Zeitung newspaper. "Each test kilometre is an advantage and Mercedes had the opportunity to test tyres that we will probably race at Silverstone. I think this is an advantage over all the other teams."

Rosberg meanwhile denies he, team-mate Lewis Hamilton and the team, gained anything from the three-day event.



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