Mercedes welcomes chance to explain itself

6 June 2013 by TF1T Staff | M

Mercedes has responded to the FIA's decision to refer its recent Pirelli tyre test to the International Tribunal, and says it welcomes the "opportunity to explain the full facts" of the test.

The team faces a full investigation following protests by Red Bull and Ferrari after it conducted a private test with Pirelli using its 2013 car - something which is against the regulations.

Mercedes are however adamant they had permission from the governing body to proceed - and they will use the tribunal as an opportunity to explain why they feel they didn't break the rules.

"Mercedes-Benz acknowledges the decision of the FIA to take the matter of the Pirelli Test before the International Tribunal," read a statement.

"We welcome the opportunity to explain the full facts of the Pirelli Test in an open and transparent manner at the International Tribunal.

"Sporting integrity is of primary importance to Mercedes-Benz and we have the utmost confidence in the due process of the FIA."

A date is yet to be set for the tribunal, but it isn't expected to happen until after the German Grand Prix.



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