FOTA warned teams about tyre test last year

27 May 2013 by TF1T Staff | M

It has come to light that the Formula One Teams' Association (FOTA) wrote to all the teams and the FIA in April last year warning them that a private tyre test at the request of Pirelli could only happen if it gained unanimous agreement from all the teams.

Mercedes are currently awaiting news as to whether they will face sanctions after Pirelli conducted a 1000km private tyre test, using Mercedes' current W04.

The German outfit and Pirelli are adamant they had the correct authorisation from the FIA to proceed with the test, but a statement released by the governing body on Sunday evening suggested otherwise.

In what could be a further blow for Mercedes, a letter sent to the teams last year by FOTA acknowledged Pirelli's right to request a test, but the association outlined certain stipulations which includes all the teams agreeing to it. If they did, then FOTA would communicate that to the FIA, who would amend the regulations to allow for the test to go ahead.

With Red Bull and Ferrari protesting and the regulations continuing to ban private testing, it's clear that unanimous agreement wasn't sought.

"Pirelli is entitled under the terms of their agreement with the FIA to offer teams 1000km of tyre testing, subject to each team being treated equally," read the note. "However there are no provisions within the Sporting Regulations for such testing to take place in-season.

"[FOTA has] spoken with Charlie [Whiting] to confirm the process going forward, and there are two options: 1. All teams want to take up Pirelli's offer and this is communicated to the FIA who will amend the Sporting Regulations; or 2. The test takes place out of season (and then the testing agreement comes into play)."

The FIA will deliberate this week whether to take action and what action is needed. 



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