Alonso says Mercedes are favourites to win

Wednesday 22nd May 2013, 18:00 by TF1T Staff 


Fernando Alonso believes Mercedes are not only favourites to take pole position but, thanks to a lack of overtaking opportunities, they too are favourites to win.

The Spaniard however is hopeful he can become the first driver to win the race with three different teams following his victories for both Renault and McLaren.

"Here we are in Monte Carlo and it's been many years since Ferrari has managed to win here and for me personally, I could be the first man to win for three different teams and for sure that is a huge motivation to do it."

When asked what he needs to do to win, he admitted qualifying was a key factor and he'd need to find something extra to beat Mercedes.

"A good lap on Saturday [and] finding a little something more than on the other laps," he replied.

"We can expect Mercedes, who have been on pole for the last three races, to be very strong again and remember they were on pole position here last year with Michael [Schumacher] although he lost that place with a penalty.

"We know how difficult it is to overtake here, so maybe that makes them favourite here. But we must not forget our main target which is the championship and in that battle, Vettel and Raikkonen are ahead of us, so if Mercedes has to win one race, maybe this is the one and we must just concentrate on finishing ahead of the others."



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