Honda could supply more teams if asked

Thursday 16th May 2013, 14:21 by TF1T Staff 

Honda F1 Team [Archive]

With the confirmation that Honda will return to Formula 1 in 2015 as an engine supplier, it has prompted the question as to whether their deal with McLaren is an exclusive one.

McLaren's managing director Jonathan Neale confirmed on Thursday that it is, but only at present, as the regulations stipulate that an engine supplier must be open to supplying more than one team if it is asked to do so.

"All engine suppliers coming in to F1 know they are doing so with the expectation that should they be required, they are prepared to supply more than one team," said Neale.

"Should the FIA or Bernie [Ecclestone] request, then Honda is aware of that situation," he added. "[Our] deal is not exclusive in that respect."

However, McLaren will enjoy the same relationship with Honda, as Red Bull does with Renault. The French supplier currently powers Red Bull, Lotus, Williams and Caterham, but Red Bull remains its 'works' team and therefore enjoys a greater technical input and closer relationship than its three rivals.



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