Compromise reached over pitlane speeding

Tuesday 14th May 2013, 18:17 by TF1T Staff 

Lotus F1, LAT Photographic

A compromise has been reached amongst the FIA, drivers and teams with regards to pitlane speeding fines.

The Grand Prix Drivers' Association (GPDA) had complained that its members were still being fined for the regulation infringement, despite being assured the practice would end after the governing body dramatically increased the cost of a superlicense.

The regulations still stipulate that a driver will be fined $200 (£130) for every kilometre over the pitlane speed limit with no maximum.

However the new agreement sees the team fined - rather than the driver - at a cost of $100 (£65) per kilometre with a cap of $1,000 (£655).

The compromise came into effect at the Bahrain Grand Prix where Lotus were fined the maximum $1,000 for Kimi Raikkonen's speeding. He was clocked at 93.2km/h, which, under the old rule, would have cost the Finn $6,600 (£4,330).



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