Pirelli: We can bring back processional races

Monday 13th May 2013, 18:18 by Ryan Wood 


Pirelli can bring back boring processional races if that's what fans want, the company's motorsport director Paul Hembery says.

The Italian company was asked to create more excitement by increasing the amount of pit stops, after the Bridgestone era saw one-stop races more often than not.

Pirelli created less durable tyres to encourage stops, whilst they have achieved that, the fans, media and certain teams have complained that they've gone too far.

Hembery says Pirelli can bring back one-stop races.

"What do you want?" he said on Monday. "We were asked to provide two to three stops and replicate Canada [2010 - which saw high tyre wear].

"I know some of you would like us to do a one stop race where tyres are not a factor, and you can go back to processional racing where the qualifying position is the end position, if that is what you want in racing.

"What do you want us to do? You tell us, we will do it."

He warned that making further changes to the tyres would only benefit one team, Red Bull, whilst hurting its rivals chances.

"It is a bit bizarre - unless you all want us to give tyres to Red Bull to help them win the championship, which appears to be the case.

"I think it is pretty clear. There is one team who will benefit from a change and that is them."


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