[Pics] Branson delivers on Fernandes F1 bet

12 May 2013 by TF1T Staff | M

Sir Richard Branson has finally delivered on the bet he and Tony Fernandes made back in 2010, when the pair entered Formula 1 with Virgin Racing and Lotus Racing respectively.

The bet, of which team which finish ahead, was won by Fernandes. The forfeit, for the loser, he would have to serve as a stewardess on the rival businessman's airline.

That wager was finally delivered upon today when Branson donned heels, make-up and an AirAsia stewardess outfit to serve drinks and food to guests - each of whom had bought a ticket for charity - on a flight between Australia and Malaysia.

Check out the photo's from the flight below:

Fourth time lucky! The first attempt was thwarted when Branson was injured in a skiing accident. The second by the Royal wedding and the third by a fire on his private Necker island.

A new service upon AirAsia, spoon feeding the passengers.

Service with a smile!

Branson with drinks...

Branson proceeding to 'accidentally' drop drinks all over Fernandes.

Finally, a kiss from his new boss.



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