Extra set of tyres for Spanish GP practice

Courtesy of Pirelli
6 May 2013 by TF1T Staff | M

Pirelli will bring an additional set of tyres to the Spanish Grand Prix for use during first practice only, to ensure teams make the most of the session.

A change in the regulations had been discussed at the Bahrain GP, which would see an additional set of tyres for each team which ran a rookie driver during FP1. It would both increase the amount of running whilst giving rookie drivers experience.

However during the meeting, several team principals from the top teams said they were unlikely to run rookies over their current drivers.

Nonetheless, Pirelli will bring an unmarked prototype tyre to the next race, but a team doesn't require a rookie to use it.

"We’ll be supplying an extra set of prototype hard compound tyres for free practice, which will hopefully ensure that all the cars run throughout these sessions," explained Pirelli's Paul Hembery.

"It's something we wanted to do to encourage all the teams to run as much as possible right from the start, especially with the rookie drivers, to give fans the spectacle they deserve to see."



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