Testing resumes at Duxford after Villota crash

Friday 26th April 2013, 17:38 by TF1T Staff 

Formula 1 testing has resumed at the Duxford Aerodrome for the first time since Maria de Villota crashed there back in July of last year.

The Spaniard lost her right eye in the accident whilst she was testing for Marussia. The car accelerated and her helmet impacted the tail of a transporter lorry.

The sites runway is often used for straight-line testing and it was once again in use on Friday by an unnamed team which is believed to be Lotus.

The Enstone based outfit are hoping to evaluate their DDRS in time for its racing debut at the Spanish Grand Prix in a fortnights time, with technical director James Allison confirming they would conduct straight-line testing between Bahrain and Spain.

"We'll be trialling the DDRS again between the first round of flyaways and the start of the European season when we have an opportunity to do some straight line testing," he said.



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