Renault doubt Honda, Toyota return rumours

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25 April 2013 by TF1T Staff | M

Renault Sport F1's deputy managing director Rob White says he doubts reports that both Honda and Toyota are planning to return to F1 by supplying new V6 engines.

The two Japanese companies competed in the sport as manufacturer teams, but both left following poor results. However speculation suggests they are planning to return, with Honda supplying McLaren with engines in 2015 and Toyota to Williams in the same year.

White doubts both stories, despite strong evidence that Honda is well advanced in its engine development programme.

"If they actually wanted to come back then why not take part in the planning meetings?

"We have never received a request in this regard. The meetings are always only represented by Ferrari, Mercedes and us," he told SpeedWeek.

"But Honda and Toyota could easily ask the FIA for permission and join in."

He did however reveal that several suppliers were present during the planning stages of the new engine formula, though they all dropped out as the plans progressed.

"The first project meetings were held four years ago, and the interest was great - Audi, Cosworth, Ilmor, Honda, Toyota, Mecachrome and others [were present].

"However, as it got more specific, only Pure was left, but now it's only us three.

"I simply cannot imagine that a company will enter in 2015 without having wanted a say in the rules," he added.



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