Alonso says rivals luck will change soon

Sunday 21st April 2013, 16:12 by TF1T Staff 


Fernando Alonso says he will capitalise on his rivals change of luck when it happens, after two disappointing races for the Spaniard.

Alonso crashed out in Malaysia with a broken front-wing after contacting Sebastian Vettel. He then won the following race in China, but his luck didn't last after his DRS failed and forced him to pit twice to resolve the problem.

He's certain his luck, and his rivals, will change.

"We were very, unlucky," he said. "In four races we've had two very unlucky moments.

"But it will come for the others and in that moment we will take our opportunity."

Despite his troubles, he battled through the field to finish eighth, despite the lack of DRS which he explained was a huge compromise.

"It was very difficult. I stopped two times in two laps so was put to the back of the group, with no DRS to pass," he added.

"The race became very, very difficult."



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