Pirelli: 'Red Bull want a tyre tailored to them'

Courtesy of Pirelli
20 April 2013 by TF1T Staff | M

Red Bull are pushing for Pirelli to make a tyre tailored to their car, according to Paul Hembery, who admitted the majority of teams don't want them to change anything.

The exclusive tyre supplier will meet with the teams on Tuesday after the Bahrain Grand Prix to discuss the tyre situation.

Some camps are complaining about the high degradation whilst others are happy with it. Pirelli says it's open to minor changes in the way the rubber is bound to the canvas if the majority of teams support it, but they won't make any major structural changes despite pressure from Red Bull.

"The construction will be the same, because if we changed that even slightly, the aerodynamics would be affected," Hembery explained.

"Red Bull wants a stronger intervention from us, but we can't just do that, because of the other teams.

"The majority of the teams actually want us to do nothing - Red Bull can't expect us to tailor a tyre just for them."

Hembery is adamant the tyres are doing what is expected of them.

"No one is able to say before the race who is going to win. There are many different strategies, and overtaking," he added.

"Both tyres are doing what we expected of them. I think we have done our job well."



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